HOW’D YOU GUYS LIKE THE LAST 3 EPISODES? Ask me questions in my ask box about the upcoming season! I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am! What are you guys looking forward to?

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is it. Don’t forget to watch MIOBI’s season 3 premiere tomorrow at 9/8c on ABC Family! Want more information? Or did you forget an episode from last season? Visit this site:

Want some sneak peaks?

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The wait is over! Have fun watching! :)

omg guys. The wait is almost over. Can you believe it? After all that time, it’s almost time! Hang in there! New posts will be coming soon!

Comment here and tell me, what do you guys hope to see in the new season!?

Only 36 more days till the Make It Or Break It Season3 Premiere! Like if you’re exciteddddd! :D

Just in case you guys hadn’t already seen it…

Check it out! :)

Anonymous Asked: do you know if Max will be on season 3?

To be honest, I’m not sure. It would only make sense that he is as they ended Season 2 kind of abruptly. I definitely hope Payson and Max come back as a couple or something like that!

Hey guys! I’m so sorry about the lack of posts once again.

I would also like to say, if you hadn’t already noticed, that Make it or Break it will be coming back on March 26, 2012. They postponed the season for some circumstances that I have yet to find out. I hope you guys are as excited about the new season as I am! :)

Thank you so much for all your confessions! I signed on after about a week, and I got a ton of new confessions! I’d like to thank you all! I will definitely get to them as soon as possible! I would also like to apologize for the delay of posts! I’ve been very busy with schoolwork especially since this is finals week! I know all you high-schoolers out there can relate! Thanks for your patience! :)

By the way, some of the confessions submitted to me have already been made into confessions earlier. Scroll down towards the older posts!

Anonymous Asked: do you know any good austin/kaylie tumblrs?

Unfortunately, no. If you’re really interested in a Kayle/Austin tumblr, make one yourself! :) Coming from experience, it’s really fun to create posts and gifs! Good luck!